Virtual reality is a novelty when it comes to video game creation. That means it expands the range of possibilities even more. That’s why we sometimes find titles that wouldn’t make sense if we took them out of their natural environment. Or what’s the same, a game that would be a real disaster outside of VR. Such is the case of GORN, a totally absurd game based on gladiator fights. Now, all the seriousness that can be ascribed to this barbaric “show” gets lost along the way, leaving behind an ode to brutality and humor in one of those games that may well carry the label “essential for VR”.

The game was developed in 2017 by Free Lives (Broforce) under the Devolver Digital umbrella. As usual, it is a guarantee of quality, something like the designation of origin of food.

Well, GORN, it works like a carnival attraction. He doesn’t come to tell you a story about the fighter’s glory or the redemption of the petty thief who finds his way around the arena. It’s not Spartacus, wow. Here we’re going to enter simply to have fun while destroying all the enemies that get in our way.

Once it starts, GORN opens the door to a simple elevator that will take us to different rooms where the fights will take place. The funny thing is that in each room we will have different types of weapons, enemies and finally a fight against a boss (which is more bizarre). So each level is a little bit unique and we yearn to complete them all.

Once this is done we have an infinite level where we can customize all sorts of crazy things and choose the weapon we want. What can I tell you, for example less gravity, tough enemies with a huge head, while we will have crab claws as a weapon. Do you see? This is GORN.

As soon as you put on your glasses and walk into the arena, you will realize how run down everything looks. Of course, it was deliberately done in a stupid way and I wouldn’t want to use that critically in this case, quite the opposite. The animations are horrible and it’s good to see an opponent accidentally decapitate their colleague or amputate a limb, that’s the absurd humor.

The really fun part of this game is trying out all the weapons, starting from the typical ones (sword, axe, hammer…) to really crazy things like wolverine claws, the mentioned crab claws or even some kind of harpoon. Eventually we’ll feel more sympathy for some than others, and once we master a few, the show begins.

A celebration of dismemberment, gore and just about anything you can think of (as long as you have mental health issues). Time flies by on GORN, resulting in a truly enjoyable product that lets you unleash adrenaline in a way I’ve rarely felt. This is also achieved thanks to a balanced difficulty, we will have to repeat the rooms several times, especially if we want to achieve the goal of completing them without dying, to give that taste of challenge that we like so much.

In short, I really enjoyed it and will no doubt continue to go to the arena from time to time to clear my head. Because there is no better way to relax than to split our enemies in two. If you have VR, you must play GORN.