A few months ago we told you about Razer Kaira, headphones for Microsoft consoles, characterized by a balanced offer in terms of audio quality, performance and price. Today we step up and take a close look at the Kaira Pro, their advanced model.

Today’s headsets are a step forward for those who want quality audio in a wider range and most importantly with a lot of synergy within the Xbox ecosystem. The big difference with the Kaira is that these Pro are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, in addition to Xbox Wireless, which allows us to connect the peripheral like a controller to the console (both One and Series). What does that mean? Well, we can take advantage of its potential on PC and mobile, and that means, according to the purpose of the model, enjoying the Xbox Game Pass options on both mobile phones and tablets.

The Kaira Pro features the same audio technology as the Kaira, thanks to 50mm titanium drivers with Razer TriForce technology. This leads to an excellent distinction of the types of sounds that we will find in our game, be it the roar of my KTM in MotoGP 21, the crossing of swords by Samurai Shodown or the excellent music of Narita Boy. They cover the entire spectrum, with a perfect differentiation of the sound mix and that makes us totally immersed in the experience. In addition, the application that we can download to our console allows you to further configure your sound and make the most of its Windows Sonic certificate, Microsoft’s surround sound.

What else does the top model bring? Well, if you think that the best connectivity isn’t enough, the Kaira Pro comes with the same supercardioid HyperClear mic as the other model (although the Pro mic comes with a noise-cancelling pad), but in this case is it detachable, one of the shortcomings of the kairas normal. The reason is that when we take our headphones on the road and enjoy our games there, it can be strange to go with the classic microphone. Therefore, Razer has included an internal microphone for the mobile phone. A very good decision in terms of comfort and technology.

While both models are virtually identical with their sober black and classic green, and the Razer letters engraved in gloss black on the top of the headband, the Kaira Pro lacks the triple snake logo in green on the outside of the headphones. . Why? You just have to connect them. The Pro incorporate Razer Chroma technology that allows us to choose the color of the company logo to our liking. The good news is that not only PC users will enjoy it, because thanks to the Xbox app we can also chat with the pennant on consoles. In addition, to stand out more from the other models, there is a chrome band just above the headphones on each side, which I think gives it a more elegant touch.

The battery has been slightly increased to 20 hours compared to 15 on the previous model as long as we don’t activate the Razer Chroma. If we do that we keep the same autonomy of 15 hours. Something totally optional, but since we have that option I don’t think sacrificing those 5 hours is a bad idea. Also, its weight has increased slightly from 293 grams to 330 grams, which my head didn’t notice. The peripheral is very comfortable and light and thanks to the Flowknit viscoelastic foam pads we have our ears fresh and we will not notice the classic pain in our skull when the headband is nailed like an awl.

Like the base model, the Kaira Pro doesn’t offer the classic ways to quickly control volume, mute, or balance between game and chat audio via the various buttons on the headphones themselves. This model therefore adds a dedicated button to activate Bluetooth. As with the Kaira, there is no jack input option, so its connection options were already total.

And here we come to the heart of the matter. The normal Kaira cost €119.99 and this Kaira Pro €169.99. These €40 extras are pretty hefty because they give us the option of using the headset both on PC (the regular Kaira could also be used, but after purchasing an Xbox Wireless Adapter for PC) and on mobile, one detachable microphone, which is complemented to use a portable and always attractive option of the Razer Chroma. A very justified price difference and that defines very well who it is aimed at. Logically, if we only have one console and don’t use it elsewhere, the Kaira is an excellent choice, unless we really want to have the Chroma option, but for those who want to use it on both PC and mobile , the Kaira Pro can be your friend for many hours anywhere and with high audio quality.