Video games are art. The eternal debate that sometimes produces conflicting opinions. If anything can strengthen this statement, then it is the products that are as extraordinary, unique and brilliant as our protagonist today. We’re talking about a national title that comes to us thanks to the good work of Brainwash Gang + TLR Games, and of course distributed by one of the titans of the indie medium, Raw Fury. Today we’re talking about The Longest Road on Heart.

Anyone who listens to music suddenly feels their loneliness populated

Robert Brauning

I’m an art lover. I am happy when I look at paintings in the Prado Museum. Or enjoy a play. Or a film that doesn’t even have to be extraordinary. But if there’s one thing I absolutely love, it’s music. Whenever an album comes out that interests me, I open a bottle of wine, turn off the light, and immerse myself in what the artist has to offer. Experience sensations and feelings that would otherwise have no place. Until now I had never experienced this sensation beyond the pure and simple musical medium. Never until today.

The Longest Road on Heart is a video game captured in a series of songs. It is a narrative experience that leads us to witness the daily life of a series of characters through beautiful songs that not only accompany the images but also bring them to life.

We’ll make coffee, wait for the bus, scrub the floor… wax… all at a devilishly slow pace. Enjoy the walks and be amazed by some excellent animations in one of these pixel art works that we fall in love with. All in a gray scale that exudes personality and elegance.

This game tells us about the journey before the destination. But we also see the loneliness of “people” who, despite moments of escape and peace, live trapped in their routine. I say humans in quotation marks because we couldn’t easily apply that label since the protagonists are human-like animals. We will go from a rat to a fox, crocodile and even a moose.

The game draws attention to the fact that it has no dialogues, nor any type of text as such. It’s a totally contemplative experience where a good handful of pixels says more than a lot of text.

As we travel through the game’s beautiful locations and are captivated by the music, we won’t just be there. If not, our own mind will travel through our memories to similar situations we have experienced in our lives. Completely profane, manages to arouse feelings in the player in a very unusual way right in the middle.

Perhaps blindly approaching the title has led me to this pleasant surprise. But the truth is that knowing exactly where you are going is important for the average gamer when running The Longest Road on Earth. We’re talking about too slow a pace, sitting in a train car for a good handful of minutes, for example. No more. In addition, its mechanics are minimalist, using only three buttons. Don’t expect any action, here we will only briefly walk through the lives of our characters. And that’s wonderful. I firmly believe that we could talk about a performance. An artistic and creative experiment that makes us think while enjoying the joy of music.

The songs that accompany or create the game are of absolute quality. In my opinion we could speak of experimental music, with a touch of soul, full of brilliant moments, like Bea’s voice in general or a beautiful drum solo in the first few bars. A pleasure that evolves and changes as the game progresses.

The Longest Road on the Earth is a unique experience, a bold video game to be proud of and, of course, highly recommended. Unfortunately not for everyone, but for those who like to try less “traditional” video games and get carried away by more intimate or daring proposals.

As an additional fact, this game is available on PC and Android, with the second option being a great medium for your enjoyment. Get in bed, plug in your headphones, turn off the lights and have a great time. Great plan.