Let’s talk rust. Can a game be a hit before it’s officially released? Yes, I remember how Rust became one of the most successful Early Access games of all time in 2014. This despite being little more than a beta version, plagued with (logical) problems due to its premature state. It does not matter. The title became a mass phenomenon, partly due to the rise of YouTube and videos of the game being uploaded by major media outlets such as El Rubius. Today, eight years later, we can enjoy Rust on our home consoles, and the port couldn’t have done better.

Life is nothing more than a continuous succession of survival options

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I remember playing Minecraft in a sick way. Mojang’s block game hit me hard, although I’ve consistently underestimated it for its aesthetic, I’ve become totally addicted to it. Until one day I suddenly had the feeling that I wanted more. I needed something different, but this followed the mechanics of crafting and survival. It was 2014 and I fell in love with Rust.

The story ends badly. I couldn’t play it, my PC was outdated and I had to content myself (with a little envy) with watching all the YouTubers who uploaded content from it and fantasize about eventually having a console version.

Time passed and little things came to my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I remember the lousy port of ARK that still took hundreds of hours. Or the Conan Exiles, quite a surprise. But I wanted rust.

Finally, six years after my request, the Brits from Facepunch Studios (Garrys Mod) and Double Elevent have released the Rust Console Edition. And with that, my fears of finding a low-quality port have returned. Thankfully, I was wrong, and what’s come down to us is a perfectly enjoyable title on our home consoles. But what is rust?

Rust Console Edition could be defined as a survival sandbox with crafting mechanics and an FPS playstyle in which we have to outlive the rest of the players and the environment itself. We start in underwear, with a rock and a torch. It’s time to hit trees and rocks, as well as search for food and water. With time and luck, we will find ourselves in possession of better weapons, which is a long and tedious process, but for the better. Rust’s progression system seeks realism within the medium. It does so with a brilliant design that keeps you learning new recipes as well as how to use these new tools. To give you an idea of ​​the depth of the title, having a workbench to craft new weapons will not be enough. We must obtain the object in question (either buy it or steal it) and then study it in our house and thus develop the recipe. Insane.

Under normal circumstances, the game progresses quickly, you will not stop farming and creating for a second, thinking about the next objective, searching, collecting… but yes, there is a problem, and it is the essence of Rust . The rest of the players want your belongings and by the way… your head.

Die, die and die. Reborn, naked and unarmed. The first bars of Rust can be particularly harsh, and make no mistake, this can turn off many players.

The game has an internal voice chat system that allows us, at the touch of a button, to talk to anyone who crosses our path, casually asking them for mercy while he dismembers you with the blow of a machete. It’s the worst and the best of the game at the same time.

In the end, the key to the game is terror, not zombies (rare) or wild animals… but the worst creature there is… player. Take the bare essentials to build your shack and get killed…stealing everything sucks. Hence these moments of escape, of search, of tension. It’s the magic.

Once the house and sleeping bag are done (respawn point) things change. First we will build a wooden hut, which we will gradually improve until we reach metal, where we can sleep a little more peacefully. Our home will be our temple, our base of operations, and that is where we will keep all our treasures. Protecting it will not be easy and we will have to use our intellect to hide our most prized possessions, since waking up with the house destroyed will be something unfortunately commonplace. In addition, in addition to taking into account the materials for construction, we must also leave many resources in the closet so that it does not deteriorate. Yes, playing Rust is a set of your free time.

Once you’ve reached a certain level with a well-defended house, it’s time to play properly. play russian The goal of the game, apart from your own survival, is to destroy your enemies. Night trips pickaxe in hand to raid enemies’ homes. Rob them and kill them if possible. This is the true meaning of the game and I’m telling you, getting there won’t be easy. Expect to be prey rather than hunter. At least for many, many hours.

Rust is sometimes like a slap in the face, it hits and hurts, but at the same time it shows you that you are alive. I say this thinking of the night. The night in Rust is torture. How it would be in real life. The temperature is dropping and if you don’t have clothes you will be cold. No problem, we’ll make a fire. Ha ha. Every little light you project into the dark night (dark on the level where you can’t see anything) will be a claim for the psychopaths playing the title. Believe me, not once have I lit a Night Torch without dying. So it’s time to hide and wait for the dawn. Which is a dope, but at the same time achieves a really admirable desperation mechanic.

Surely it doesn’t tell you anything new, Rust is more than known to be a success. So let’s talk about the console versions.

First off, the big headline is that the game is a 1:1 from its PC version. It works great and I’ve had very few issues (server stuff) on my Xbox Series X. However, the game is designed for previous generation consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), but it still plays great on the new machines. Despite the lack of a next-gen patch.

His artistic department is fine, with no further pretense. It’s a game that would be within the standard of last generation. Its artistic department lacks personality, but frankly it works well, looking for a virtual realism that’s readily fulfilled. What I really like is the graphics, which are reminiscent of the posters of the Russian Revolution. Red and white on black, with straight, aggressive and interesting fonts.

The sound is another highlight. We generally listen to nature in silence. It will be important to have a good hate to spot threats. But there are also moments when the music steps in to speak to you. He does it with elegance and serves as a warning: the night is coming.

Perhaps the downside is the same as on PC. Being forced to play online. That is, local mode is missing. And yes, it makes sense, the essence of Rust is to face other players, create an alliance with your friends and destroy … but I can’t get my mind off the fact that it would also be very pleasant to have a private to have offline servers to be able to practice, explore, plan easily. See which areas are better to live in or test with guns. Clean up NPCs or hunt with the knowledge that no one will kill you from behind. Hope is not lost when the option to create a server appears. It’s useless at the moment, but… it should be a matter of time before it’s activated and thus comes full circle and offers a ten-pack.

Without a doubt, Rust is a game that has faced success and since its launch has not stopped adding content that includes improvements as well as new objects and even enemies. Now the full version is coming to the consoles and shows a very good port that we can criticize for not being able to create games yet, but which still offers us a good handful of official servers and the always good crossplay with players from Xbox and Playstation. So if you’re a fan of the survival genre, you’re up against one of its greatest exponents. An excellent product to meet friends and completely lose track of time. Well done.