Sometimes, when we’re faced with writing an opinion about a video game, it’s important to dress up. Swap your own glasses for a borrowed one, or by all means, practice empathy. Today I come to talk to you about a title that has sparked a lot of interest in me, not so much as a player but as a father. Today we are talking about a new exclusive Switch signed by Warner Bros Games. We’re talking about DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power.

I assume by the time you read this you will more or less know what DC Super Hero Girls is, so I’ll be brief. DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is a video game based on the animated series of the same name by Laurent Faust (The Powerpuff Girls, My Little Pony). In which we can see a more likeable and youthful side of the main DC heroines and villains (Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Catwoman…). But not only in costume, but also in civilian clothes. We see your worries, your everyday problems. With chaos at the institute and other worldly actions, they must connect with the fact of having superpowers. But he does it in the style of Cartoon Network, with a lot of humor and emotion, and a pretty cool drawing style. With this knowledge we can start.

Metropolis. A city that doesn’t have a quiet week. Apparently, gentle Lex Luthor’s robots have been hacked, and they’ve got between eyebrow and eyebrow to destroy the city, or at least a neighborhood. Our heroines go into battle and win. But they cannot avoid the deplorable state in which this sector has been left.

Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) decides to help the institute’s journalist, Lois Lane, to get photos in which we see the problems grow as we watch inconsistent toys come to life and fuller Evil ones are dedicated to doing all kinds of misdeeds, so you must stop them.

Luckily, in a noble gesture of kindness, Lex Luthor decides to put his robots at the service of the citizen to repair the damage caused by the hack. And in these we see each other. A group of heroines who must solve two cases and rebuild a city.

The first thing I have to say is that for a person skilled in a thousand (virtual) battles, this game is not enough; For matters that I will elaborate on later. But where there are defects, there is sometimes virtue. And that’s why we sometimes forget these little creatures that live in many houses. The girls and boys. For this reason, the lack of difficulty or the simplicity that this title looks like makes it a great tool to bring the little ones closer to the environment. I said at the beginning that sometimes you have to dress up empathetically to express an opinion and today I’m wearing my child’s costume.

In DC Super Hero Girls we will have to face a multitude of problems that are not only of a heroic nature but also include daily actions. For example, helping a kitten in need or getting a grandma to cross the street without getting run over is common. From here we will take a photo to upload to social networks and thus get followers and likes. But the most normal thing is that before she goes to bed, a villain lies with her and spreads enemies everywhere, with very bad intentions. Then it’s time to put on a suit and hand out mamporros.

The most exciting thing about the game is its overwhelming variety. Both in mechanics and in characters. You could say that it’s a sandbox divided into several maps that we can traverse at will. But where we can also switch between all your playable characters (once unlocked). Each with their different combat and movement mechanics, which will be greatly appreciated when we switch to superheroine mode.

To start we’ll walk around the city in street clothes, perfect time to do the typical side missions and collect collectibles. They come in the form of photos of superheroine symbols and also the classics of collecting stuffed animals or destroying suspicious cameras. The strange thing is that we can talk to the citizens to help them with everything they need and sometimes we need a specific character to carry out the task. The secondary ones are what they are, messenger missions, but there is enough variety and we will feel that heroic call that will compel us to carry out as many as possible. All this will be mixed with the main story that will lead us to complete the missions in a more or less similar way. These will vary and range from defeating a series of enemies, protecting a building or ally, defusing bombs and of course the final boss fights.

The combat is a bit weak, you could say it has hints of hack & slash where the combo counter is very important because the higher the number, the greater the damage. But while the idea is good… it’s not reflected in practice. And it ends slowly and repeats itself. Sheds some light on the different unique abilities of each character that we must unlock with stars obtained by completing missions and achieving secondary objectives (ending with Equis Life, achieving a high combo, etc.) of each heroine or villain , have You three unique moves. One of Shift, another of Intermediate Attack, and another of Special Attack.

The truth is that it makes you feel differently depending on who you control. Nothing has to do with the agility of Catwoman or Batgirl, with the slowness but strength of Supergirl or Harley. Your task is to improve them all equally, but it will be inevitable that we will have our favorite or the one that best suits our way of playing.

As I said, the game loses its hair in action and I can’t help but think that the boss fights are mostly processing. Special abilities, used with some sense, can take down a boss in under two minutes. But as the game progresses, and especially in its final part, we see an improvement. The fights are a bit more challenging, and there are a few of these bosses that invite you to learn their mechanics (albeit a little).

Another ingredient to add to the shaker of mechanics is management. It’s not that it’s a great thing, but we will play an important role in rebuilding the destroyed city. Basically, we can choose the building we want to build (using dough, of course) and in return get some collectibles such as: B. the clothing store for heroines. And it’s those little tidbits that add meaning to the game; Go in search of doves because they are trending and we want a photo to help us have followers. Then see your friends comment with a lot of meaning. It’s very funny for a kid who starts to see social media as something magical.

If you look closely there really isn’t anything to stand out, but with so many options and so much to do it seems really difficult for a child not to enjoy this. Another cool thing is getting money (at high school expense) to buy clothes. We can choose multiple outfits for each character and they are a handful. So I clearly see this hook to get them all.

What I personally liked the most is his way of telling the story. As chapters, like the series itself, each one has highlighted a character while uncovering the mysteries of who is behind it all. In addition, the game consists of endless dialogues in which we will see more points of the different personalities that make up this particular group of heroines and villains. I think it has that interactive cinematic style that’s executed well.

Where there is quite a stark contrast is in the artistic and technical parts. On the one hand, we see a “one-point-zero” in relation to the series. It’s an excellent adaptation. But on the other hand the game doesn’t convince, with old textures in most of the buildings, with cloned citizens and it’s over-repeated. The good thing is that performance is moderately good, with the furthest characters dropping some FPS, but the truth is that both combat and exploration are growing. In summary, graphically it’s far from the standard of quality we’re used to today, but still manages to fully capture the essence of the series and you’ll no doubt feel like you’re living a DC Super Hero Girls movie in your flesh .

In short, DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is a video game that does nothing excellent, but that manages in its mechanics to create a small living universe where, above all, the little ones in the house will find a rest of hours and hours of fun. At the same time, they will learn certain very important mechanics that oppose other not-so-friendly games. Ideal for fans of the series, especially the little ones.