There’s still time for February 2022, but thanks to the Blood Bowl 3 closed beta we’ve been able to play some games of the third part that Cyanide Studios dedicates to the board game Games Workshop.

You could say that Blood Bowl is the king’s sport in the world of Warhammer, an adaptation (free, very free) of American football that unleashes passions in the Old World and in ours, because although it’s a board game from 1986, it is still has its loyal fans around the world and has released editions, the last one being at the end of last year.

Just because it’s based on American football doesn’t mean that game lovers will find a Madden with orcs and elves here. Nothing is further from reality. Blood Bowl is a strategic game of moving through squares, calculating probabilities and keeping your fingers crossed that the dice don’t let you down. So, just as a football fan can be disappointed, a non-touchdown person can find an unexpected product here that will give them a more than great time.

If you now enter the beta to say that for the time being there are no major developments in the core of the game, not counting the great facelift of this new installment. Those who played the previous Blood Bowl will feel right at home as it retains its basics but with the rules updated to the latest version released by Games Workshop. One cannot ask for more from Cyanide as it offers an experience that would be as similar as possible to what we would have playing a game at our home table.

The beta allowed us to test both games against artificial intelligence and against other players, either locally (rotating) or online. Unfortunately they didn’t add anything to the campaign, which is one of the great features of the title and will include an open story that can be played with each race in the final version.

As for the matches, it’s clear that there are still bugs, translations, and other stories to be fixed, as despite the fact that none of them were critical, we’ve seen the normal things of a beta: animations failing, texts not translated and trifles of no great importance. Nothing minimally concerning for a game that still has months to go (February 2022).

At the beginning of the beta we could choose between Black Orc and Imperial Nobility teams. There are already several teams, but the game gives us the opportunity to create our own team. A third team, the Elven Union, was also added late in the beta. If we customize our team, we can spend a million gold coins and fill our roster as we please. Each race has roles that define their playstyle, abilities, and attributes, so not only are the races completely different, but we can create very different teams of Black Orcs that fit our style. Each of them, of course, always chooses a style. For example, the Elven Union is a specialist in throwing and their speed coexists with their fragility, so a priori it wouldn’t be very wise to build an ultra-defensive team with them. On the other hand, the imperial nobility can play an ogre, a brown beast that leaves no rival player alive around it.

There will be room for all types of players in Blood Bowl 3 and the humor, one of the house hallmarks, continues to be excellent. For example, our Trained Troll can lose the chestnut and instead of throwing our leprechaun where we told him to, he can try to eat it. Our ogre, who can’t take an addition and subtraction exam, may crash and cause us to lose a round. Or we can just step on a trap that an unsuspecting person left on the field and knock the game down. If you believe anything can happen in Blood Bowl, then it will.

The different matches I’ve played have all been great fun. Trying different tactics, teams, and ways to approach a very deep title requires patience for newbies. This beta contains a series of tutorials which unfortunately are not in-game but instead take us to a URL to watch YouTube videos. We understand that in the final version these tutorials will be well inserted into the game, since an initial effort is required from the player not to go onto the field more clueless than normal.

And this is where stats are compared and dice rolled for everything (or almost everything), so it’s important to plan what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it. For example, if you pick up the ball from the ground, you will have to roll, and if you don’t pass it, you will lose our turn and the rival can overtake us. Wanting to get a few extras out of our way, stepping past an opponent, attempting to intercept a ball, committing a foul without being seen, injuring or killing a player…all of these things and more require dice rolls and therein lies the greatness of this Blood Bowl and is that the feel is almost identical to the board game (except the pawns are painted better than mine). If you’re looking for some arcade and don’t need to give the coconut much, you’ll hit a wall here.

We could see some of the new mechanics, such as: B. Special conditions at the beginning of the game, which mean that there is now even more variety when one game is never the same. Another innovation was the expansion of customization options for team, coaches and cheerleaders, but this has not been activated.

In conclusion I would like to say that technically Blood Bowl 3 is a step up compared to the previous ones. Much more detail, spectacular modeling and a very spectacular recreation of the pitches. Technically it’s a board game fan’s dream, both visually and sonically; The atmosphere on the pitch is very prolific and it’s impossible to miss our favorite Cabalvision commentators, Jim and Bob, who once again liven up the games with their technical commentary and usual bad mood.

Playing this Blood Bowl 3 beta has only slowed down the days leading up to February. It looks great and some of the great news, a better campaign and more customizations, we didn’t get to test them.

If you haven’t been able to try the beta, you can always get the second installment, which we find very cheap and can prepare for the release of the third, which will be released in February next year on PC and old and new generation consoles.