Nomura over here, Nomura over there. I bring you the first impressions of the demo of one of the E3 memes. The chaos. I mean the supposed Souls of Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. And I warn you, he’s pretty handsome, even with his bum on.

The first is the first. This is a demo and it tells me it will have little to do with the final game that will be released around 2022. The little we know regarding the lore or narrative context is that the appearance of Jack (the main character) is not random. This man is truly an “outsider” in Final Fantasy, in Nomura’s own words, and even his name, Jack, can be a big spoiler. About what? No idea.

We’ll start with the bad, so we’ll end the text on a good note.

The worst part, at disaster level, is the poor artistic and technical part. The game looks really bad, and it looks like an original title of the already retro PlayStation 4. Or the end of 3 if you push me. Also, again we have these two playback modes, Performance or 4K, with the second being almost unplayable and the first looking blurry. Also the character design as well as that rancid gothic that the locations and enemies exhibit… they left me very cold… but hey don’t worry these are the demos that will be released very early Pro. To get feedback and ideally (for heaven’s sake) correct those errors for the final product.

The good part. Be careful, here we have two sizes, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja. These people know the Souls genre. Among other things, because they have signed who, in my opinion, is their best rival. Nioh and especially Nioh 2. As such, the gameplay is a treat. The fight not only reminded me of the aforementioned Nioh, but also flashbacks to the Vietnam that Bloodborne suspected. This is a God level compliment. The combat, a little faster than what we are used to, will be closely linked to the type of weapon we use. So the greatsword has little to do with the magic club or spear. Also features independent skill trees for each weapon. Which I fucking love. It means saying goodbye to picking a class and sticking with it to the end. Here we can try to finally focus on those who suit us best.

For example, the greatsword is very cool and will turn us into a fearsome warrior who, despite the slowness of the blow, will do a lot of damage. But being a magician is amazing. To have a whole arsenal of elemental magic at our disposal from the first minute.

A big part of combat is mana. This is the death penalty. Here we are not losing levels or souls or anything, the weapons will level with their own use. Here we are punished with a decrease in our mana bar when we die, and beware it’s a slut since all our special attacks (the ones that finish a combo and are stronger) consume mana. Whether they are magical or not.

The problem is that it seems like a masterful progression system to me and is rarely seen in the Souls genre. This not only makes this Stranger of Paradise more likeable and approachable. But it’s so much fun.

For example, I found some burning pumpkins that spit fire, here comes another mechanic; With circle we make a kind of parry that absorbs magic and allows us to reproduce it without a mana cost, being able to pop these pumpkins with force. Or by using a water attack on them if we decide to fight them without parrying.

As I said, mana is very important and the way to recharge it will be by stunning our enemies. Either use Parry or blow them up into sticks without letting them breathe. This will cause us to perform an execution and turn them into red crystals that will charge our mana bar, the larger the amount, the more life they have left.

I feel like I’m making a lot of noise, but after the game’s dismal presentation as well as its release as an unplayable demo… I didn’t have it all with me, and I really found that to be little more than a joke. But damn if I tried it once and finished a couple of times with this mythical final battle against a garland that will make us sweat … the sensations could not be better. Therefore and hoping that these negative points will improve. I am forced to count this title among my most awaited.

*Last note: the game is constantly being looted, so don’t worry about the Zara clothes featured in the E3 video. Once you open a chest, you’ll put on some pretty armor. End.