It’s time to return to one of my favorite games of 2020. This time, we’re leaving the “smeared” Cloud and his greatsword behind and returning to walk the streets of Midgar with the pretty Yuffie and her shuriken. Is this DLC worth trying? Yes of course. I will explain the reason.

There are those who like it more and those who like it less. But without a doubt, the remake signed by Nomura has not left anyone indifferent; both for the veterans of the saga who brought the world of Final Fantasy VII to its knees in the nineties and for those who discovered it in 2020. There’s no denying that this remake was one of the best releases of the last year. That’s why, among other things, content that sheds a little light on the future of the saga will not only be welcome, but also scrutinized.

In this episode, called INTERmission, we embody Yuffie, one of the most popular characters from the original title, to carry out a super secret and special mission. We have a super thing to steal from the baddies of Shinra (FFVII’s Endesa). Because Yuffie is an experienced ninja who fights for her nation of Wutai. In fact, the plan to steal the supermatter is being carried out by his country with the aim of not only weakening Shinra but also gaining military power. Let’s assume the materials are the nukes of the saga. But we won’t be alone in the mission, we will have allies, some familiar, some new, like Sonon, who will be our faithful companion. I was enchanted by this character, a former student of Yuffie’s father, and his weight in the plot is crucial. Despite not being able to control it (as was the case with Red XII), its contribution to the battle will be more than interesting, being able to give it turn orders and carry out joint attacks.

Nevertheless, we arrive in Midgar, more precisely in the famous District Seven. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t exciting. There were many hours I spent here with Cloud and believe it or not it was an absolute blast to come back with a different character. Because moreover, the DLC takes place in the opening bars of the main title to see a different angle on how certain plots are developed. Spying on Avalanche members with Yuffie is very exciting.

But hey, we’re not here to tell you all the DLCs, which will last around 5 or 6 hours depending on whether you stop at the secondary ones or not. And yes, I said the damn word. There are secondary ones and they aren’t much better than the original. On the one hand, we need to find posters of a specific Wutai joint. This one is more role. But we can also visit a specific combat simulator, as well as one of the great novelties that I personally loved. Fort Condor returns. And that with a “board game” that is not only visually beautiful, but also works perfectly as a “game within a game”. It is based on a Tower Defender in which, through mana management, we must have a good number of units so that they destroy the enemy base while protecting our own. Honestly, I really enjoyed it and not only searched and bought all the “units”, but also challenged everyone I found along the way. Including another old acquaintance (wink, wink). I wouldn’t be surprised if this in-game game hits the mobile market as a standalone video game. From time to time.

The part I liked the most is his narration. I think the introduction of Yuffie that gives him this role is more than well done. In the DLC we’ll be able to get to know the character very thoroughly, with very well-written dialogues and a really suspenseful ending that strangely fits perfectly with the future of these remakes. Humor and drama will be the central axes of this micro-adventure that will undoubtedly make us very fond of the newcomer. Also, in the final part, a couple of characters appear that will undoubtedly leave you speechless. Especially these old dogs from the nineties.

In short, I loved coming back to this great game. But yes, it is inevitable to be cautious and warn that what you will find is more of the same. For better and for worse. I mean we’re Yuffie now and the fight totally changes. The shuriken are very cool and we can use ranged attacks or go into melee combat, in addition to our well-known material system. But the dungeon crawling is still just as clunky, just like in the main title. We find silly detours as well as puzzle tricks. There will be few, but they are. And the last part of it says again that “we will fight all Shinra bugs to conduct combat studies”. Therefore I am obliged to warn. If you enjoyed the 2020 video game, no doubt this DLC will fall on you like rain in May. But if you’re one of those people to whom the game doesn’t say anything, don’t think that this is a Final Fantasy VII Remake 1.5 because I’ve already told you that it’s a 1.0.

Note: This DLC, INTERmission, is only available for PS5 and the graphical improvements are more than remarkable. The game plays luxuriously and improves on the little rough edges we’ve suffered from in the past, but without being a truly impressive change. And on a negative note, the DualSense goes through with no pain or glory. Therefore, as someone who really liked Final Fantasy VII Remake, I feel compelled to recommend this DLC that you can find for twenty euros.