I remember my first time with the Mii in Tomodachi Life. A title that swept Japan and did what it could here. And that’s it, as I mentioned in my analysis: “I doubt the game will have the same impact here, given the distance of the cultures and the quirk and eccentricity of the game.” Well, Miitopia maintains that eccentricity, you is simple and verges on the absurd on many occasions, but it is meant to be exactly where its charm lies.

This time, the Mii, the protagonists of Miitopia, make us live an adventure with touches of RPG, but above all focused on that absurd and incoherent humor that I mentioned to you.

In a very quiet place, the evil Archmage appeared, who stole the faces of the kingdom’s inhabitants, causing a lot of fear in the area. A story like this needs heroes: us. We must recover these faces while facing all sorts of enemies along the way. But don’t worry because you won’t be alone, you will have your gang to make the adventure more fun. And nothing can go wrong if there are thieves, magicians, scientists, cats, singers or tanks in this rescue team. did I say singer?

The first thing that stands out in Miitopia is that we can choose the characters. I’m not talking about customizing your own character – even that – but the characters you meet along the way. That is, the characters are already there, but as if it were a play, we can choose who will play each role (the king, the princess, the suitors…). Here we can use our own creativity with the editor, starting with already created characters and modifying them (or not), using an Ami or choosing between the popular Miis (that Doraemon accompanies you or that the Joker ends the security of the king, it is always good ) .

But we can also choose the characters that will accompany us on this crusade, which they call our “gang”. We will be like the company of the Lord of the Rings, only a little more peculiar, since when choosing professions we will have some more normal, like magician or thief, but others a little more curious, like singer, flower or chef, everyone with his own attacks and abilities.

Miitopia characters

The connection between the Mii will be very important. Although they go alone we can control at least a little the relationship they have thanks to the breaks that we will make in the inns that we find along the way.

The inns will be the place where our characters can rest and heal their HP and MP. But there is more. First, they will be able to share rooms, which will allow them to strengthen bonds. We can feed them, keeping in mind that each meal improves their properties (magic, defense …). We can also give them money to buy new clothes or accessories that will improve their skills. Although of course that will depend on them. There are times when we give them the money, but the Mii have changed their mind and come back with a banana or candy instead of what they expected.

But perhaps one of the funnest things about the game are the antics you can go on at the inn. The game invites us to keep our Mii busy with each other. I’m talking about going to the movies, the lake, the library, or fishing. And it is that you enjoy the stories that develop between them almost more than the main story that the game proposes. And I have to say it’s a shame these are finally taking a back seat.

The first thing I said about Miitopia was that it’s an RPG, but I think that would be an insult to the genre. In any case, it could be a very light role-playing game aimed at those who have not yet touched the genre or those who are clearly looking for a game to distract themselves with without further pretensions.

As I have already indicated, in the quest to bring these stolen faces to the lands of the kingdom we will face different and very different enemies. But we won’t have the control we probably expect from an RPG, because these Miis (other than ours) will make their own decisions about what attacks to use, whether to heal, or whether to choose to combos with any member of the Miis to make gear. You’re in control of your Mii, you can choose the type of attack it will use, even if it’s mounted on a horse (yes, a horse will join our team) and you want it to be the steed that does it attacks . But not the others.

Friendship is important in Miitopia. As the story progresses, our Mii will make connections that will affect the battles. For example, when two Mii get along really well, they can use stronger joint attacks, heal each other, or what’s more fun, see one Mii in the middle of a fight worrying about another who just took a hit (something that will increase your friendship). But it can also happen the other way around. And the thing is that we have some very jealous Mii among them and sometimes they get angry about stupid things. This means one can trip the other up mid-fight. Like I said, it’s out of our control.

Although at first it seemed like a fun and interesting proposition, or at least curious, over time that feeling faded and became a very repetitive game that you only want to play in short sessions.

I think Miitopia is what it’s supposed to be, but it just didn’t convince me. I’m not talking about their crazy humor, but about this lack of care in the sentences they publish, which are sometimes repeated in a row, I’m talking about how little necessary these forced restarts were to repeat three times that the equipment is empty and is started over. At that moment you are overwhelmed by a sense of loss of work done that prevents you from moving on. Especially when they don’t offer you anything new as you progress and trying new professions with new companions seems like a game mechanic.

My summary of Tomodachi applies to Miitopia: “It’s an experience that can be disappointing if you’re not receptive, and even if you’re receptive you eventually tire of the lack of evolution.”

In general, I just have a sad feeling of monotony. Maybe I’m not the target audience and it’s focused on someone with a more sense of humor than me or a younger audience that lets them in on what RPGs are all about.

Still, I find it a shame because even with so much detail in the professions, the suits, the types of attacks, the relationships between them, and the escapes they can make, it seemed boring to me as I read through the first part had the game and saw that there was nothing else to offer. So much so that I finally decided to overload the speed button to make it go as fast as possible. And it is that the work of the AI ​​​​in combat takes you completely out of the gaming experience.

Miitopia is a title that will not suit you well if you are a simple spectator if the proposal is to be an RPG. Probably changing that detail to being the one who decides what action to take by each member of the gang would greatly improve the bad feeling the Switch game leaves. If they had also expanded these relationships between the Mii, the result would have been a well-rounded game.