When we talk about virtual reality, VR, there are video games whose existence outside of the medium would make no sense. That is, there are many video games that gain in quality and especially in immersion when we play them with glasses; see super hot. But still there are others who would not work far from the center, or if they did they would be seriously affected. These are the best games to enjoy VR in my opinion. Fortunately, our protagonist fits that description today. Always wanted to be a galactic strategist? Make yourself comfortable and join me in this text about one of the surprises of the year: Eternal Starlight.

The earth will perish. The planet will crash and human life simply cannot develop any further. So it is time to look for life beyond our troubled planet. It’s time to look for a little corner in space to preserve human life as we know it … But of course some aliens don’t like this, they will destroy us for the first time soon. It is time to arm yourself to the teeth and defend yourself against the alien forces that are trying to destroy us. To do this, we need to upgrade our arsenal and form alliances with the friendliest galactic creatures (there are).

You won’t see anything new under the sun or under the desired star. The plot couldn’t be easier, straight out of almost every sci-fi movie of the 90s. But to be honest, it serves me. And that means the story is the least in this game.

We could define this Eternal Starlight as a real-time strategy game that is also part of the roguelike mode genre. We will begin as captains of the Resistance of Humanity aboard our galactic cruiser. We’ll soon get a call from our second on board telling us that some aliens, quite angry, are about to destroy us. We get nervous and ask how much time we have. Which will be short, 7 days. Or what’s the same, 7 layers.

Now is the time to carry out missions until the critical date when we will defend against the first enemy attack. As that fateful day comes, we can choose the missions that we want to carry out. to get valuable resources and also to strengthen relationships with other friendlier galactic races. All of this is developed through some pretty funny dialogues where we have to choose between multiple answers. And although I didn’t see much change from my answers … it helps create our character, forge the personality of our strategist; This resulted in pretty funny moments, like with a certain race that looked like robots, who didn’t understand my humor and took everything literally. Or when some evil aliens hesitated and I called them an insect brain. Which is funny because they look like giant ants … heh heh heh.

But again, and as a roguelike, once you hit your second or third run … the gossip will be about automating the process and leaving out everything we can.

So let’s get to the nougat, upstairs, to what makes you fall in love … its playability. I’m blown away playing Eternal Starlight. At the beginning we are shown as two huge hands floating in space, watching our fleet out there, literally taking our cruise or our ship or whatever we want and being able to pull it to the desired position. That basic sounding thing is the bomb. It’s the natural evolution of board games like Star Wars X-Wing (I imagine a game like this licensed from Star Wars and it gives me a kick).

Not only will we be able to move the ships (obviously), but we’ll also have to choose a good strategy and do it quickly (especially on higher levels of difficulty) as the battles are real time and time can stop if we do Select a ship to launch a special attack. Which is very cool as we will select the skill and move to our enemy to see our ship hit the missile.

Little by little we will discover different ways to carry out our attacks. For example, we can group our ships under a leader who we move according to our instructions. Later we will unlock other main ships and then it will be really cool. We will have our fleet and we will have to look for it because it is a destroyed ship … a ship we are losing and which costs a lot to procure. All except the main game (which we are a part of), the loss of which will mean the end of the game.

We will see different types of missions along the way. From protecting ships or our base to destroying asteroids, enemies or even scanning elements of space. Whenever we finish the mission, it will be interesting to explore a little, as we sometimes find lost resources and they bring us some joy.

By the way, and while you are a roguelike, don’t let that put you off. The title has three levels of difficulty, with the only challenge being the highest level of difficulty. The game is usually a lot of fun because it is moderately easy to complete; it takes about six hours. Another point to note is that the game is only in English and there is a lot of text in addition to the specialty weapons capabilities or the characteristics of our ships. But against all odds, and to my great joy, it is plain English, so once you defend yourself in Shakespeare’s language you won’t have too much trouble enjoying it.

The general feeling that this Eternal Starlight gives me is that its developers, White Noise Games, were always aware of what they were trying to achieve. This, whatever should be, manifests itself, for example, in the artistic field. The game is very simple, even minimalistic and hardly risks modeling, neither characters nor ships, but relies on monotony and geometry. Something like what I saw on The Falconeer and it works like magic for me again. Sometimes less is more. They also manage to create very believable and diverse spatial environments. From pure black with its stars and planets to places where a star dominates and colors everything a blinding orange.

Last but not least. It should be noted that the game has an excellent virtual reality design. Whether sitting or standing, the sensations in Oculust Quest 2 are unbeatable. It is a joy to play in a wide area, move like Iron Man on his holographic table, move our ships as we go and closely watch the battle. But it’s no less fun to play comfortably seated, which I almost forgot that VR can do. The controls allow us to zoom in and out so that by dragging the screen we can be anywhere on the map in seconds. And of course to sit comfortably, orchestrate the resistance … well, it’s luxurious too.

In short, Eternal Starlight is a great game that will hallucinate fans of strategy and science fiction. In addition, the roguelike theme guarantees us hours of fun, improves our fleet and feels the greatest failure when it is lost. Not only does Eternal Starlight seem like one of the best VR games of the year to me, but I think it’s a must-have as long as you like the genre.