If you are motivated like me, it will happen to you that when you see something, be it a movie, a series, or a sport, you want nothing more than to do something that has to do with what you saw or have read. When I see a movie that happens in Kuala Lumpur, the vital need for me to travel to the city comes when I read about jumping rope, then come on, I’ll buy a rope and jump or when I started playing cricket Watching matches, definitely up to date. Next I would get the necessary equipment. That’s me … The fact is that after a season and some spectacular playoffs, the NBA Finals don’t start anywhere, you can see where the shots are going.

In Da Hoop! It’s not an NBA simulator, it’s an arcade shooting machine simulator. Those who have their little hole in almost all leisure or annual markets. The Realcast game brings us 1: 1 virtual reality activities and if you are an indoor basketball fan here you will get the same experience but at home or wherever you want as it is available for Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

The game has a total eighties aesthetic, with its neon lights in which we’ll be the only companions in one of the aforementioned arcades and the basket. Currently the title is under the App Lab seal, Oculus Early Access, and there is still a long way to go, but what can be enjoyed today can already bring us hours of play and excitement.

Right now, In Da Hoop! It allows you to learn with a tutorial and to make quick games that vary the level of difficulty, both in the classic basketball machine (where the distance to the basket varies depending on the level of difficulty) and in an official basket. We’re going to have a countdown and it’s time to get the maximum shots possible to avoid losing the combo which improves the bottom line. They offer a few variations, such as two official baskets almost in profile or one basket with no distance restrictions in which we could crush ourselves.

The decisive point for the success of the simulation lies clearly in the physics of our hands with the ball and Realcast has really done a very well deserved job in view of the complexity of the matter. The title offers two ways to play: with the Oculus Touch or simply with our hands. With the Oculus Touch the game works perfectly and although we may need to adjust our style of shooting slightly at the beginning, we won’t get the hang of it by taking some very satisfactory shots and staying true to our actions.

On the other hand, playing without touch is a dream, but the experience still needs to be improved a bit. Thanks to the helmet’s sensors, we can fully recognize our hands, but in my games I had a lot of vibration during detection and here our gestures are not 100% replicated. It stays to play, but logically it’s not as good as with the controls. Something normal deep down, when we consider that the game is, as I said, in the App Lab and that function is also in “tests” in the Oculus itself, so it would not be surprising in this regard over time expect better performance.

As a game, it doesn’t have more and everything that comes to mind is on the studio’s roadmap. We are thinking about more game modes, the possibility of playing online against other players, changing both the skin of the balls and the boards or our gloves … all of this will gradually reach a title that is very clear what you are looking for and what it brings. And the thing is, the desire to just make one game turns into agony after countless shots have been fired to beat your record or that of a visitor who annoyed the high score.

In Da Hoop! he knows how to use his skills in virtual reality well and he brings us a funny suggestion for the whole family that it is very difficult for someone who has not spent the pesetas or the euros in these decorated machines of the Lakers or the Celtics . It came to me like a pearl to satisfy my desire to take photos after seeing Booker, George, Young or Middleton give everything on the floor.