Well, once again we come up with a rather strange title. One of those bets, let’s say experimental, that not only shows us a different message, but also a unique gameplay. Of course, few distributors would put their signature on such a product, except for our beloved Devolver Digital. The label rarely goes for a “conventional” video game, and the most surprising thing is that they are almost always extraordinary, and most importantly, hilarious games. Today we’re talking about Boomerang X from Bang! And of course this is no exception.

We are a mummy and we have just had a terrible marine accident. We wake up on a strange island, full of secrets and monsters that look like shadows. Apparently this land was inhabited by a praying mantis civilization in ancient times and the only survivor today is a millipede (pretty nice). And no, Emilio Bueso didn’t write the script for the game.

Our goal will be nothing more than to escape from this strange island, and for that we have one element, our boomerang. We will get it as soon as we start and we will master different techniques by the end of the game.

Once again we have a simple, minimalist story, like our own art style that will give way to hectic and devilishly funny gameplay. Another FPS that is not about “shooting” but about positioning yourself.

To begin with, we will start the boomerang and wait for it to return, hoping to crush some enemies along the way. But at every step we will unlock improvements until we finally have a good arsenal of moves.

The game is like a shot in the chest. It is developed through organic screens that we access as we advance through hallways that lead to large combat areas. Hordes of enemies will come and we will have to deal with x numbers to move forward (those that we have to destroy will be marked).

Once you have completed the first three or four levels, the game will start catching up with you. It becomes a dance, extremely enjoyable gameplay that creates a very quick mastery effect. It seems we’ve been playing for years and I am commendable for how easily he does something so difficult. Start the boomerang, transport us there, slow down time, chain deaths and unlock special attacks. All while dodging deadly enemies. It’s like being John Wick or a Sanderson Misty. Brilliant.

The game is designed so that it can be completed instantly. If you move from less to more, you will find yourself at the last level without realizing it. We’re talking about two hours to get there. But be careful, the difficulty curve in the last two levels is unhealthy. In fact, it took me longer to complete the final level than it did to get it there, so I may have missed a few intermediate levels. Not just to lengthen the duration of the title, but to help me improve towards the end. Seriously, it’s crazy.

Boomerang X tries to create a reusable product. Seek that in this strange boomerang (which looks like a ninja star) we can find a resource to turn to for these idle hours; Switch is a great option. They provide us with resources to improve ourselves, such as a timer for speed runners. It reminded me of the sensations I had with Super Meat Boy in that sense and those are big words.

I say the Switch seems like a choice of ten to me, not just because of its portability, but also because the game honestly does well in the Nintendo hybrid. Its simple but cool artistic section makes this easy. But there will be moments with quite a few enemies on screen as we fly from place to place with a boomerang blow. And not with those did I suffer a jolt or a sharp drop in FPS.

All in all, Boomerang X was a very rewarding experience for me. A game to linger, to lose yourself in its gameplay and just have fun playing. So away from current standards, and that comes like a glove for the Devolver seal.