A few years ago, the makers of Journey brought us an exploration adventure with an interesting social component and now a very special DLC with the theme “The Little Prince”, the timeless work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, which is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary , which we will also deal with in this analysis.

Although I neither had the opportunity (and unfortunately the time) to play Journey, thatgamecompany’s previous game, each self-respecting player reiterated their importance and good reviews due to the different proposal they offered us and the standards removed all the time. On this track, Sky: Niños de la Luz offers us again a title that exudes a unique personality and whose aim is to search for the spirits of the people who inhabited the kingdoms into which the story is divided and to recall their memories to get to know more details of the lore little by little. This premise encourages us to explore because the more spirits we find, the more new areas will open before us.

Personally, my entry into the world of Sky: Children of the Light was a bit chaotic as it barely teaches what to do apart from a simple character management tutorial and a vague introduction to the main story. This is equally good and bad because on the one hand it encourages exploration on your own, the main foundation of the game, which is clear from the start, but on the other hand it can also create tension because you are used to video games more and more in this game Senses guided. However, once you get used to it, the title is very repeatable and invites you to explore and re-explore the 7 kingdoms that the story is divided into, knowing that you will find new ones every time you return Find secrets as long as you are curious and more or less proficient with controls.

I found the greatest difficulties in the gameplay. I feel like control on the ground is a bit limited, very easy and quite imprecise, especially in certain sections of the platform, but in general it works. On the air, things change and we feel much more satisfactory in control, allowing access to unexpected places as we gradually improve our flying skills. Whenever you have the opportunity, you will prefer to get to the different locations by air rather than on foot, and give priority to looking for the improvements available in each area.

As for the features of the game, one of the special features and that caught my attention is how well they have incorporated the social aspect into the online game so that you can interact with multiple players choosing from a wide variety of actions that Represent emotions (bow down to say thank you, stamp your foot in anger, wave your hand to say hello …). It is amazing how the basic sensations can be represented with such simple movements and are recognizable and understandable for every other player. You can also leave messages on paper boats for other players to read, you can post messages in designated areas by offering help or revealing secrets that will help other players, and there are banks in that two players sit and on more functional and chat in a more practical way.

To continue with the social aspect of the game, and as I explained at the beginning, the goal is to bring to mind the memories of the ghosts that exist in the seven kingdoms. This is not an easy task, however, as there are areas that can only be accessed in groups of two, three, or four people. So, once you want to explore the full world of Sky, you need to collaborate with people through the internet. Obviously, this is a much more pleasant job to do when exploring with friends, although in my case I didn’t have that opportunity, but I think it’s something that can stimulate exploration, more if possible. Curiously, I have to say that I was surprised to see famous people (who didn’t know they were playing video games) explore the world of Sky. Because of this, I think the social aspect is the main attraction of the game for some of its users, more than the game itself. Furthermore, the game is neither difficult nor very complex challenges other than exploration, so it gets the attention of Can attract casual gamers who just want to have fun.

Finally, I would like to give us a quick look back at what the DLC of The Little Prince offers us exclusively for Nintendo Switch. I consider this collaboration a great success, as Exupéry’s work and the world of Sky seem to be made for each other and complement each other like a glove. In fact, the game’s creators themselves claim to have been heavily inspired by this work to create the game, so it’s not surprising that they get married so well. Both universes aim to convey a child’s friendliness and intrinsic curiosity, and elements like friendship and altruism are constantly felt in the game in the social aspect we were talking about earlier. I read the book for a long time and don’t remember some passages, but the scenes and main moments of the play are reflected very well in the game: the symbol that adults have misinterpreted, the desert where the plane crashes, the blue rose whom the Little Prince adored, the fox who advises him, etc. Finally, add that this DLC offers us a large number of allegorical elements for the book to further personalize our avatar.

I can only encourage you to read this classic of children’s literature and take advantage of the summer between Sky: Niños de la Luz games.