Looks like we’re ending Cyberpunk Month. We’re doing it with a great exclusive from Microsoft consoles (yes they are coming), an indie one of those who have had passions since being presented at the on-duty event. We’re talking about The Ascent, a surprise that comes to us from the hand of the small Swedish team Neo Giant. Join me in this dystopian future.

At The Ascent, we are who we want to be (at least physically). We are going to create our character from scratch, using a simple but effective editor. Once that is done, we will embody the last ape of a great, collapsed society: the Ascension Group. Because of this, they will entrust us with all kinds of stupid but dangerous tasks. In other words, we will be a tyrant or a tyrant in bad hours. We do what they ask of us without asking and of course we leave a bloodbath in our wake in which we are the best … or we will be, always with a fundamental goal of “being free”.

The city is huge and you have to go from one place to another gun in hand and carry out the orders of our boss / alien / obese. At some point something goes wrong and the game will introduce us to characters, allies, enemies and of course bosses.

The Ascent perfectly combines role and action. I like to call him a “Devil with Guns” because we will look at his world from this perspective and he also perfectly differentiates between shopping and death zones. Very devil. As for playability, it’s a twin stick manual shooter. Not just any, but a really good one. The action reminds me of the genre’s elite. Yes, house brand. This is due to their excessive blood, powerful feedback when firing each weapon, and the agility with which they operate. It’s amazing and, without a doubt, the best of the title. We will have many weapons that are very different from each other. In addition, we can also equip ourselves with implants that give us skills, be it melee attacks, killer robots that help us, weapon improvements and a long time, etc. The fruitful combination of weapons and skills becomes our goal: we are comfortable with our decisions feel. Once reached, a bullet dance begins that we don’t want to end.

One of the novelties The Ascent brings to the genre is the use of coverages. We will be able to crouch behind any sufficiently solid object (be careful there is a lot of destruction going on in this game) and take the gun out from above to shoot safely. Even so, the AI ​​is pretty well programmed and it won’t hesitate to flank us or attack us from behind, forcing us to dodge and be very attentive. Adrenaline escapes from every pore of our skin.

Okay, fight is the stick, we’ll mark the green check mark. But if something is really amazing, it’s its surroundings. The city they created from Neo Giant is really brutal. Not only is it devilishly huge, but also very meticulous down to the smallest detail. Its size is so large that we will have a taxi service to avoid it. Although I preferred to walk and enjoy the landscapes and surroundings. This depressive atmosphere, these pessimistic conversations that the people around you have with their worries and needs. Not only did I dedicate myself to the main story, but also who I wanted to help (not everyone). I cut off monster genitals so that my colleague, the little alien, can prepare tonics. I’ve placed a thousand beacons (here’s the shitty secondary) and I’ve helped find a corpse (among other things) and the truth is, I did it because I wanted to, and that’s rare. But this cyberpunk from Sweden with love is pretty unusual. Not only do we find the depravity of the corporations we shit for (them too), but I find it much more futuristic and exciting than most of the others. Aside from the city and its avant-garde architecture, another detail that makes it unique are the ships and aliens. Surely it exists, but I didn’t enjoy working with alien cyberpunk and I loved it.

Green tick next to setting and item no. Perhaps what has convinced me the least is the main story. Without being wrong … I’ve always felt like a nobody, a guy with no charisma who kills and that’s it. There are little details, especially at the end, so I keep it. But in general … this RPG gets lost. That he is present in our team and in constant plundering, once again very Diablo. Complete the mission, bring all the trash back and sell it. Upgrade weapons and buy equipment. Mission again. That ribbon, that wonderful ribbon that Blizzard gave us a long time ago.

Stay with the Megh stuff, its music. It’s cool, but not surprising, it even gets heavy at times and is too reminiscent of CD Projekt’s work. Which isn’t bad … but not good either. With such a round title, the good remains small.

That said, the game is very good for one player. But it’s even better, in company (like everything in this life or almost) we can play up to four colleagues, and there it is. The level of difficulty adapts to the number of players and the slaughter of doubles is amazing. Not only do we rely on the internet, but we also have a local cooperative which is a national holiday in 2021.

The game enchanted me, that’s all I can say about it. His action is brilliant, as is his attitude. It has a very well measured progress, not only because of its level up, but because we see a clear development of our character, from “killing” to “hero” and we see it in our own way of playing, increasingly calm, more strategic. Mastering our weapons and skills is the only way to overcome certain tricky sections. Because without being difficult there is nothing and there was no damn boss who didn’t have to repeat himself.

The climb is a great plan for anyone who has gamepass, almost a must see today I would say yes you must have some interest in the genre. Which may be relative since it’s a genre that’s a bit of a niche. But as soon as I call you I guarantee that you will enjoy it very much.