If there’s one thing I like other than video games, it’s football. A genre that, while having fun in the industry (see FIFA and Its Insane Revenue), also causes me a certain laziness. Therefore, when a new and different proposal comes to us, I take it with open arms. This is the case with this unique World Soccer Strikers’91, which also bears a Spanish postage stamp. Specifically from Asturias, from the Bipolar Dawn study. The game begins.

World Soccer Strikers’91 is a video game that you shouldn’t take seriously. For the better I mean. The first thing that won me over is his tremendous sense of humor in putting the teams together and the coaches. We have, for example, the “Gijon rojiblanco” whose sign shows a drawing by Manolo Preciado (who touched the potato), or “Deportivo a Ratos” also the now mythical “Chamartín” and my favorite, the “Real Not Fake” that looks suspiciously like Betis and, after winning a match with it, unlocks a trophy that goes something like this: “Onde ta er Betis?” The same goes for the technicians. The pixel art dolls are very well caricatured, but in case we run out that day they also have names to help us find them. Like Zizou, Pep, Manolo, The One or Pelusa. GOTY

We have a lot of equipment, there is a lot. And we also have to meet certain requirements in order to unlock the majority. In the plan “come back a game” or “win 30 times” which has become an addiction for me. And that really doesn’t vary much from one team to another. Some are better at attack, some are better at defense, and some are better looking physically. But they’re pretty similar in general.

Perhaps we can say that it is a bit short in its game modes: Game, League, Tournament and Golden Goal. But … it’s not that more is needed. In the end, this title is what it is, a glimpse into the past of soccer video games. But yeah, don’t get carried away with its retro look with this meticulous pixel art. The game is quite a bastard and it will cost you a lot to “get the hang of it” and I’ll tell you why.

The teams will be five against five, the formation can change (2-0-2, 1-1-2 …) We will control the four footballers and the goalkeeper will be free. We can only take four actions. Kick, pass, steal, stun / dribble. The End Of course, it’s like the classic games, like the mythical Super Sidekicks that we destroy in the arcade (later in the emulator). No, the game has mechanics that make it hellish. As you know, during soccer games, or at least most of them, for example, the ball gets magnetized onto the soccer player who is carrying it. So that the ball follows the same path with every flight path. Not here. The ball starts rolling. With well elaborated physics. Reminds us more of a foosball than a retro soccer game. At first it was a shock. I didn’t understand anything and of course I lost every game … until something clicked in my head.

The moment I understood the game, I went crazy. I loved. Remember these games are my “shit” but you don’t know how much I wanted to put on such a crazy bet for the beautiful game. Although there are other titles of this style (see Active Soccer, Legendary Eleven), I think this World Soccer Strikers’91 is particularly good. Much of the reason may be its meticulous pixel art contrasting with less meticulous illustrations (even ugly), but its pixels and sense of humor called me like a siren song, and its challenging but simple gameplay captured me.

World Soccer Strikers’91 reminded me of those good mobile games (yes, I swear they were) in the style of Angry Birds or Plants vs Zombies. A perfect game to dedicate a mouse and especially ideal if you are playing with family or friends (I say some of you will) because it is a game where luck is an important factor. FIFA or PES are far away, where technology and the number of hours are decisive. Here he orders the ball to be kicked at every election, stun your rivals and make sure that the ball lands in the opponent’s goal.

If you like soccer and have memories of playing arcades in the nineties, this is a surefire bet. As long as you know you won’t wait too long or ask the elm for pears. I guarantee that you will laugh at the equipment you discover and that if you click and break with everything tried and tested to enjoy this totally innovative bet, you will have a handful of hours of imagination.