There are games that immediately pique interest. With that weird title we saw at an event a few years ago, I’d swear it’s Xbox. A strange apartment where three characters develop a story in a strange twelve-minute loop. Impressive! My interest grew steadily and a few days ago I ended up enjoying the game. Today we’re talking about Twelve Minutes, an author’s game, a game by Luis Antonio (ex Rockstar and Ubisoft) that Annapurna Interactive also fell in love with. Do you have a few minutes for me Let’s go.

Video games and cinema. How often have these two worlds crossed? Recently we have been seeing movies like Free Guy at the box office that are literally based on video games. We also saw very cinematic video games, unlike the Ryan Reynolds film. I think of the great Red Dead Redemption II, for example, whose story, whose “film” can look a handful of westerns in the eye.

Twelve Minutes is an extremely cinematic game. It’s almost like a narrative choreography in which our character (James McAvoy) moves to the rhythm of our desires. The thing flows and loop by loop we will reveal the secret of the twelve minutes. To be our goal, to break through it while knowing what the hell is happening and most of all what happened.

However, as with any job, there are complications. These are dictated by the intellect of the player. If we can see that light in the shadows … to see the solution to our problem, to see what we can do next … then the product works. Not only does it work, it does it really well, which leads to a pride of its own. But the bad comes when we get stuck, when the solution doesn’t arrive, when we don’t see the next step. The dance stops and everyone looks at each other with goofy faces, waiting for you to do something.

The loops get stormy, repeating past conversations, and leading to the worst a video game can lead to: boredom. Oh! damn word. With a product this shiny, I’m a little sad that its crust is so fragile. But perhaps it is a tiny price that friend Luis Antonio has to pay so that those (who are quite a few) who can complete the challenge without too many laps can enjoy an unforgettable, indelible experience. Just.

Twelve minutes, tells us a story. The story of three characters strangely connected by an uncertain past. The wife (Daisy Ridley), the husband (James McAvoy) and the policeman (Willem Dafoe). A terrifying cast for an extraordinary work. Wagering on these three Hollywood talents isn’t just a giveaway. Not much less. It seems important to me to bring these characters to life. To be a very important part so that we can feel something for them. Sadness, emotion, love, joy …

The artistic area is wonderful. Starting from minimalism and some rather simple models, he manages to recreate an apartment with a lot of detail, in which some connoisseurs will find several cinematographic references. (Hey! Where’s Kubrick?) His sound section is another delight, not only because of its well-dosed and impressive ambient music, but also because of its overall soundscape. For example, I remember that I was -Heard footsteps and a shiver ran down my spine.

With these lines I am trying to say that the narrative puzzle that Annapurna presents to us, masters of the unconventional and generally wonderful, is an experience that is undoubtedly not for everyone. A classic. But at the same time, thanks to the gamepass, I recommend trying it out (among other things). Because if you master the challenge fluently … you will surely remember the story of Luis Antonio for a long time.