I tend to be attracted to and like Monster Hunter rates. Of course, I always end up using the “but” for their complete lack of history. Capcom and the people who hunt already know what it’s about: hunting, uploading gear, hunting something more powerful, climbing a better team, and so on until we get tired. Normally I get tired quickly from this cycle, precisely because the hunt for the hunt, once you’ve seen all the animals, doesn’t fill me up too much.

Yes, the challenge really is to face the most powerful beasts in their final version with your infinitely powerful weapons and everything well thought out and calculated to make the monster I touch bite in the dust, but I, before I get there, I already got off the bus a few stops ago. Note that I love all the time I spend on the various deliveries like the last Monster Hunter: Rise which is highly recommended but I do my main missions, a couple of side missions there and the game can’t get my attention anymore to attract . .

That’s why I hesitated at first to face this Monster Hunter Stories 2 as I made the experience of Rise so fresh. Obviously I did it in the end and strangely enough, I loved the game and not just because of its story that I wanted the most, but because of everything that surrounds it that offers the best experience to my liking. the franchise.

I didn’t play the first part of this spin-off in 3DS, Monster Hunter Stories, and you see, I’ve been on point many times and maybe would have dispelled any doubts I had at the beginning because the core of the game is the same: one turn-based combat JRPG with the ever-popular ability to collect creatures.

As in the 3DS game, in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, we put the hunters aside to welcome the riders. These are characterized by the fact that they build a bond with the creatures and, among other things, they fight with us. In addition, the relationship between hunters and riders is not very good, although curiously both do the same thing: not leave a single living being.

This role change from hunter to rider is very well justified by the change in the main mechanics. The real action gives way to blessed turn-based combat. Some fights are based on the rock, paper, scissors system that popularized the Fire Emblem saga, but here is Vitamin with more options; We will have three types of attacks that we can combine with three types of weapons and we will also give the elements to our friends to add edge to the matter. This will greatly increase our chances of facing the extensive list of monsters (100+ creatures) that populate these Stories 2.

As in the main saga, we will have all kinds of monsters and while some are the classic putties that don’t cause any problems, as the game progresses, we will get more and more hooked on the ropes. In Monster Hunter World or Rise, if knowing the animal’s movements in order to be able to predict them is important, knowing what types of attacks it will have is very important here. As we ponder which attack to launch, lines are drawn towards us by our enemies to let us know who is going to attack whom.

These face to face are key to the battles because if we are victorious we will fend off almost all of the damage from the enemy attack. For example, a velocidrome will attack us, and we who already know it will know that it will launch an agile attack from the base. The special attacks can be suitable for the agile (and these for the strong), so we went for the special attacks. Head-to-head result? Well, the Velocidrom has proven itself, we only have a small scratch and in addition we have strengthened our synchronization with our monstie (yes, that’s what our fellow human beings call them).

If we increase the sync we can climb on our beast friend and besides, if we can strike together we can launch a devastating and wonderful joint attack. As soon as we’re done, we’ll get out and continue the fight. The monstie, in turn, performs actions during its turn and, although it is autonomous, we can order it to perform the various abilities it has, at the expense of skill points that we share with those we need to carry out our own special attacks . In addition, we are usually accompanied by an NPC friend who also brings his animal companion with him. They will work completely independently, but if we sync at the same time we can all perform a combined mega-attack together.

Is it enough for you Because there is more. The battles will continue to evolve and if we weaken parts of the monster it will turn sour, thus changing its fighting style. Where before he started special attacks, they can now be agile or strong, so our experience comes into play to remember Ranieri mode, theorize it or simply activate it, defend to the death and see what it brings .

As you can see, it’s a complete combat system (completely a far cry from the boring push of a button to end the fight while looking at the phone) and while it may seem like too much at first, the game takes care of that Introducing the variations so that we don’t suffocate. This is exactly one of the weaknesses of the title and that means that things can go uphill. The fights take a while to shine because in the first few hours they are very easy, very slow and can get boring due to their simplicity. The initially small variety of monsters and the ease of encounters can create disinterest, but it’s the small tribute one has to pay to see both the game and their struggle spread their wings.

As we get new monsters based on entering caves and getting eggs that hatch and magically give us newborn beetles 3 meters high, the battle gets exponentially enriched just like our rivals. In addition, the game allows you to “sacrifice” monsties (forgive me anything) to give more powerful genes to others and to strengthen them by adding skills, elements, and so on. A system that, with patience, can be a drug for those who like to strive for perfection in statistics.

On the other hand, we end up with monsters (and their parts) and, as in the main saga, we can make our weapons and armor. We have a lot of variety, for all play styles and with very cool aspects that also don’t require grinding to achieve them. Usually, by killing a beast, we can already make the appropriate weapon or armor.

If the fight starts weak due to its ease but flees like a rathalos, then history will not. While the approach is interesting, its whole development is excuse after excuse, and often it seems that we are doing something more typical of a secondary than a main mission (yes, I look at your mill). It’s a shame because there is an interesting moment, but it is completely wasted taking us from here to there with somewhat dubious reasons.

And it’s a shame because I came here partly because of his story, but as happened to me in Bravely Default 2, I stayed because of his struggles. It’s true that the game has a completely different layout than, for example, Rise. Here if they want to tell you a story, with its twists and turns, its dramas and its spectacular films, but the problem is that everything is very poor and simple.

It tastes worse when you look at the technical presentation of the game. Switch brings out the best of itself once again so that we can enjoy a very colorful technical section, with a design and details in the creatures that will delight fans of the saga. His animations in the battles, with this exaggeration in the power of some very anime attacks, suit the super attacks that we luxuriously carry out with our monsters. As a hint for improvement, one could have asked for a little more frame rate so that the show was already at its maximum. It’s true that it never scratched me, but an extra FPS would be an amazing thing for how good everything looks.

Despite its history, the game is a pleasure. It’s true that I’m in love with turn-based combat, but my collector streak also swells when you have that many creatures to collect. All spectacular, with different abilities, not only in combat, because while we are exploring the world we can fly, jump, sneak, climb … many things that help us to reach inaccessible places or simply to an undesired encounter avoid.

If collecting is not your thing and challenges are, this Monster Hunter Stories 2 comes in handy too. Not only will we find beasts stronger than normal in the field (our loyal friend Felyne will always warn us), but there will also be secondary missions that will lead us to much more complicated battles than the last one in history. In addition, completing the game opens up a new huge area with the most complicated challenges and with it a new set of improved weapons.

The funny thing is that unlike the main sagas here, they motivated me to do more after the game. Either because of the collector’s vein to see this new area, or certainly because I can’t say no to a good turn-based combat system. The fact is, here I was more interested in working with that weapon or genetically modified monster to try and take up the fight. I suspect that in the end it is a matter of taste, but also that, unlike the main sagas, you are more independent here than ever.

While the game has cooperative options to complete missions and even compete against each other, I didn’t feel like other human drivers had to do anything. For example, in Rise, either because of my skills or the nature of the challenge, there are encounters that I don’t face alone and I always join a hunting party. In Stories 2 the chip is different. Perhaps the most complicated challenges require two human heads, but for anything I did, my monstie and machine-controlled companion were always enough. The life of the lonely rider, the happy life.

For Monster Hunter, I suppose I prefer the tension of the stories fights over the adrenaline of the main saga. This could be the reason you prefer these Stories 2 Rise. Also, I said at the beginning that Stories 2 is the best way to enjoy the saga and that having a large number of creatures under control, knowing them and learning their movements is very enriching, seems very enriching his and has given more value to a saga What struck me as interesting but didn’t kill me. As a rider, I missed some activities to improve my relationship with the monstie; nor that it should caress his back a little. To do so, you may have to wait for Monster Hunter Stories 3 to arrive.