Today is the time to get back to four wheels. He hadn’t played a driving title in a long time and the truth is it was a triumphant return, spending far more hours than planned behind the controls of the PlayStation 5. Today we’re going to start with one of those great Nacon titles. Today we start with WRC 10, the official video game of the highest rally competition.

Honesty first. I am a terrible virtual driver; Mario Kart is my big gulp. That’s why I go along with anything when the opportunity arises to leave my comfort zone and analyze a game like today’s protagonist. With a mix of fear and anxiety that usually leads to expensive learning.

It wasn’t the case. Yes, the first couple of games in WRC 10 were insane, spending most of the time eating trees and ignoring speed lane. But it was my fault. I jumped into the major league with the most impressive Toyota I saw and of course … high speed was out of my reach.

So, with a bit of resignation, I threw myself into career mode and of course started in the junior category where things started to change. The speed is considerably slower and perfect for mastering the winding routes, to get enough handling to gradually lead the big prizes. My first season at Ford was a complete success with a very commendable second place. So the following year I went to WRC3 and so on until I got to the premier class and drove my Toyota. But now he knew what he was doing.

In career mode, which I think is the single player par excellence, we will find various very interesting challenges that go beyond the tracks themselves. For example, it will be important to keep our team morale, based on wins in tests and training, but also by giving them weeks of vacation. The trajectory mode could be defined as a good management game where we involve staff and even collect skill points that we can invest in the typical little tree that will last a few seasons. Now when we go to the big prizes, to the races, things are still complicated. We need to carefully choose the number of bikes and the type of bikes we want to transport. Be aware that they are deteriorating and know how to choose the right ones based on rain, dirt, or snow. But most of it is undoubtedly left to the decay of the vehicle. If we crash too much and drive aggressively, the car will be damaged, which saps our strength and will certainly doom us to fail in qualifying. So we have to fix them … but of course that costs money, and our team won’t tolerate a lot of hassle due to our incompetence, so if we abuse their generosity they will put us on the street.

But if all of this makes you lazy, we also have the option of running without further ado. Either in individual tests, with tons of official cars and drivers, both current and legendary (for the 50th anniversary), or in a way that I loved, the “season” where we basically do the same thing as in ” Run “but skip the administrative part. Here it will travel through the different racetracks of the world to reach the best possible position, move up and switch teams based on our performances and goals.

There are tons of modes to choose from, depending on what we want the most. We find the typical ones online through competitions, but there are also some interesting rarities, such as the opportunity to be a co-driver of a colleague. Or the always good news: split-screen multiplayer. Hallelujah !. In addition, as I said before, we cannot ignore the 50th anniversary special stages that allow us to compete with authentic legends like Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya with their 1992 Toyota Célica GT4 (the best year) great prizes of yesteryear to enjoy or the champions Michèle Mouton and Fabrizia Pons with their Audi Quattro A1 from 1981. But we also have the news with the stages 2021, the official teams and drivers of the format of Dani Sordo.

Another outstanding one is the number of routes with twelve countries to visit and around nine stages per nation. These are recreated in impressive ways, with an artistic section tending to a realism that is starting to get creepy in the driving genre. With beautiful and varied landscapes. From the country roads and pine forests of Catalonia and Portugal to the frozen countries of Sweden, through the Japanese rice fields and finally in the African savannah. An authentic pass as the way you drive changes at each of these locations, creating unique moments that are sometimes worth abandoning the stage to stop to take a few pictures. It is a pleasure.

But of course, a nice frame doesn’t make sense if the driving isn’t up to date, and here’s some great news. The game moves like a fairy tale and driving these beasts on four wheels will be the most fun. Learning how to change gears (it can be automatic, but where’s the fun in it?) Learning how to use which brakes in each corner and, most importantly, interpreting the instructions from the passenger that reach us both visually and acoustically. To see our progress, as we overcome our minds each time, is an extraordinary sensation. To master stretches that seemed impossible, like the fourteen-kilometer drive backwards from Knon … it makes my hair stand on end when I remember such wonderful nights glued to the DualSense. On the order!

Thanks to Astros Playroom, we could already see the benefits of DualSense. Now we see it in action and when the developers (Kylotonn and KT Racing) make an effort to incorporate its features into the title, Christmas music plays. It’s party, joy and a fine smile on our face that doesn’t stop there. Here we will notice every gear change, when our wheels touch the ground we will feel that part of the car is the one that has come loose. As we walk through mud and then get dry, we will notice the small pebbles attached to our car loosen, beating against our bass to the rhythm of the creak, something I did for the first time in my life as a farmer – Hand and their virtual loyalty, in this game, I was impressed. I remember flying into a pothole and landing in a puddle at full speed and feeling the splash in my hands. All I am saying is little to illustrate how much I like things to be done well, with technology that seems a little bit more to establish what the new generation should be.

In short, I got excited about WRC 10 because I think it does everything well as I can’t make a single mistake about it. Now, of course, I’m speaking out of my inexperience in the speed genre and making this my weapon to say that if you’re like me, this is a perfect title for clearing the cobwebs of a genre that you may have forgotten. As I could tell, the game is moderately continuous with its previous part, but honestly, if you have new generation consoles and a Playstation 5 in particular (because of the DualSense) I think few speed games can do better than this WRC 10. Highly recommended.