Today we have to roll up our sleeves, go to the fields and of course fight with our plants. Yes it sounds crazy, but today we’re going to take a look at the game where Stardew Valley meets Pokémon. A proposal that is just as crazy as it is imprecise in execution, but which can still bring joy to others. Today we’re talking about Monster Harvest, the indie that the Maple Powered Games studio offers us.

Well what was said. We left the city tired of a too depressing and gray life. Our goal: an old farm in a strange and remote city. We’re going to leave at the request of our uncle, a scientist who discovered how to breathe life into our plants and literally turn them into some sort of defender pets. Yes, something like Nintendo’s little monster Pokémon, but this time they are not captured, but cultivated.

The truth is that the starting point will be similar to that in other games. We started on a ruined farm full of wood and stone. It is time to devote the first few days to leave the country moderately prepared to begin our plantation. This presupposes the typical of plowing the soil, planting the seeds and watering them. Water every day except when it rains and wait for the harvest to be ready to sell, buy more seeds and repeat the process. Also here the umpteenth farm game so far. But … what happens when we put silt in our harvest?

We will find three types of slime: blue, red and green. These substances, which are like strange jellies, will bring our plants to life. For example, the red creatures will be created to help us in battle, the green ones will instantly ripen the product, and the blue ones will create livestock and mounts.

Yes, we talked about combat, and this is another fundamental part of the game. We will fight in two scenarios. One will be the mine, where we will extract valuable resources, from minerals to more silt. The other will be The Leisure Center, which is something like the Pokémon League. We go to the latter every Friday to compete in frantic battles with the city’s residents. Every time we defeat one, another appears of higher rank with higher level plant animals. Until the last one comes, who becomes the villain.

In fact, there is a certain story to tell in Monster Harvest, which takes place mainly in the mine and in the battles at the leisure center. But in spite of its mechanics, which invite us to drive straight ahead. The title is a relaxing game. Here we will increase the level of our character as we perform actions. You cut down a tree, you experience, you fight a battle, you experience, you water your harvest, you experience. At each level we learn to create a new tool or object that will help us make more money as well as automate processes. And the truth is that its development has enchanted me. I think he’s really fine because his fast pace leads to addiction in turn. Play another day before you go to bed, and end up playing for a full week.

The game has a clear and inescapable reference. Stardew Valley. This is so, and it is not bad, if you want to make a good game you have to go to the genre’s best example. If you add new ideas too, it’s fine. The problem I faced with this harvest isn’t so much the direct comparison. I mean, in their inspiration, Stardew and Harvest are really different games. It is the game that, in almost all of its mechanisms, engages us in a much simpler and simpler way, focusing more on the breeding and management of seedlings. And I think he does that part well, the bugs will rise and we will unlock a total of three attacks. Some supportive and some devastating. Also, when they die, we can put their hearts into improving the land and ensuring that stronger plants are born. Hence, it progresses very well and in a very organic way.

The problem I’m talking about is that unfortunately, although these two worlds combine really well, they cancel each other out. It doesn’t really stand out either as a turn-based RPG or as a farm management game. And that’s because it’s too easy or easy in either genre. A risk that you have to take with such a crazy idea. Nevertheless, he manages to have fun, especially in his first few hours. But if we go to the comparison with other games of the genre, of course we see that after the first 20 hours there is an overexertion then it is really difficult to find reasons to keep going.

Even so, this isn’t the worst, that is, it is a very affordable indie that guarantees you twenty hours of hook-up. To ask for more is ugly. The real problem, and what I find difficult to tolerate, is that it is plagued by technical issues. There are all kinds of them, and most of them annoying. Worst thing I’ve ever eaten is the fact that my save file on PlayStation 4 got corrupted. After 7 hours my game wasn’t working … and if there wasn’t an obligation to bring this text to you I would have left the title broke. But mandatory rules, so I went to Steam and got a PC copy. But to my surprise, I found a thousand and one problems. Another example is that from time to time an action is blocked. In the “Today you can’t water” or “Today you can’t talk to anyone” plan or you collect your crops and they don’t appear in your inventory … or my favorite, you place an object and then you can’t remove it, but it does is cloned (ok this is good for making dough).

Undoubtedly, Monster Harvest has serious problems, but we hope they will be resolved so that it becomes a full-fledged title. You would also have to look at other minor issues, such as certain male characters with female names and vice versa. But another problem, and I fear this one will be unsolvable, is how uninteresting the neighbors are. In Harvest, you won’t want to talk too much to anyone … and of course that will stay that way when it comes to extending the life of the title.

I know these lines are a little low, but despite everything, I liked the suggestion. To see with some pity my crops being destroyed by a plague called the beetle. I hope the developers fix it with a good patch phytosanitary treatment. If the game is your interest, buy it to help the little studio, but if you’re not in a hurry, let it sit for a while until those issues are resolved.