Needless to say, Arkane is one of those standout video game studios. One of those who create hobbies. So when they announce a new title people go crazy. This is due to his frequent hits with titles like Dishonored or Prey. Well what will happen if you choose to take the risk too? If you decide to step out of your comfort zone? In short, they create an exceptional product, an authentic work of art, a game that will captivate you from start to finish, a unique experience that undoubtedly deserves its altar in the video game room. Join me on this death loop, join me on death loop.

First, calm down. When I talk about getting out of their comfort zone, I mean more about the way they talk than the way they play. Let’s not fool around. The Bethesda team, masters in FPS (first person shooter), hasn’t given up on the genre, far from it. It would be like Ferran Adrià leaving the kitchen, crazy, right? So I want to make it clear that Deathloop is a shooter, but not just any.

We wake up on the beach with what looks like a hangover from three pairs of balls. We take our first steps and see some strange floating messages that help us move forward and make me think about Dark Souls. As soon as we take a few steps we find a weapon, the first of many. Little by little, with the help of Juliana, we remember a mysterious woman who seems to enjoy ending our lives. Which isn’t too much of a problem as we’ll be waking up on the beach again. Again and again.

We are beginning to understand, we live in a one day loop. When that day comes to an end, we wake up on the beach again and lose everything we achieved except memories. That will be the key. But it’s a nuisance to lose all weapons and skills at the start of each day, or when we die … what kind of roguelike is it, right?

Here comes the magic of Arkane. Deathloop doesn’t go crazy and bets it all on a card as mundane as loop games or roguelikes … but based on the formula, he takes them, squeezes them, shapes them and creates something new. All of this thanks to its “imbue” mechanism.

Once we learn how to penetrate our gear, we finish the tutorial and the real adventure begins: breaking the damn loop. This mechanic is based on the fact that we can absorb “debris” from objects and enemies so that our weapons and enhancements are not lost between loops. Hence, depending on the build we want to perpetuate, we can create a unique character.

We talked about breaking the loop. The game is based on this one detail. We will have two characters facing each other, Colt, who wants to break the loop and on whom the weight of most of the adventure falls. And Juliana, whose mission is to get the loop up and thwart Colt’s plans. We can choose either of the two characters. But I’ll leave that part for later.

Breaking the loop is an easy thing, at least on paper. The island on which we reside and functions as a magical place where the loop perpetuates its inhabitants is staged by seven visionaries. Seven eccentric and wacky characters who are the reason for this loop and therefore the only way to break it. Yes, we have to kill the seven visionaries. But that is a Herculean task, because the day lasts as long as it does.

We will have four scenarios, parts of the island, which in turn can be visited at four different times of the day. Sunrise, morning, afternoon and night. These places change every moment of the day and with it the presence of visionaries. Hence, it is impossible to kill them all in a single loop. Unless we can group them in the same room and at the same time. That will be the goal of Deathloop.

I understand that reading these lines can be a bit lost. Usually the game takes a huge information cube and throws it in the face of the player. Few beginnings of a video game seem that powerful in terms of burden and narrative. But once we start playing seriously it won’t be that hard to come up with the solutions and see real progress. Remember that the player will always be the one who makes the decision on how to play Deathloop.

Let’s say we have the typical alcoholic detective board trying to expose a serial killer on an American television series. There we will write down the clues we can find to help overcome the story, break the loop. It is enough to choose the mission that we want to accomplish in such a way that it guides us on the right path. When we enter the area, a marker will appear telling us where to go. Which is vital for such a muddled goal.

We have to clap in the seers’ belongings and spy on their henchmen in order to discover their weaknesses and to end their lives in the best possible way. We can keep killing them along the way to steal their abilities, which are something like their special powers, and they will undoubtedly make our way easier. There are those who turn you into a killing machine, those who teleport you, those who turn us into “Jedi”, those who give us the ability to throw enemies into the air, and we can even get a power that us invisible, so long before the last fireworks display, we will kill the seers many times.

But Juliana, of course, will not be idle as we try to break the loop, the idiot will visit us frequently, armed to the teeth, to hunt us down and force us to start the day over. This can be surprisingly done by the AI ​​(but only when visionaries are around) or it can be another online player visiting us. Thanks again for so much Miyazaki.

It’s a great idea, not just because of the nervousness the Colt player feels (when he tries to hunt down a visionary and the message “Juliana went hunting” appears, the experience changes, it increases to infinity), but also because we give such an excellent game that certain something. I mean, when I finished my trip with Colt, I went to controls with Juliana, broke into games, and fucked as many as I could. It’s a very well-built voluntary endgame.

With Juliana the agriculture or the build is completely different, because here we can not visit the map freely and search for the “treasures”, but have to kill Colt a thousand times to level up and unlock the improvements. It’s like two games in one, the single player experience and the online play, but it also has a beastly narrative load that makes one in no way work without the other. Bravo.

I talk a lot about the strangest part of this game, but I think it’s not worth stopping too long to talk about their gunplay, they are arcane and this game is very arcane. That means it has character and weapon controls that stand out from the rest. Shoot, use our powers, move through these fantastic levels … it will be an extremely enjoyable experience. You have embroidered this part again.

The world, as I said, is divided into four fairly large areas, creating four little sandpits, full of hideously designed areas that we can step into like an elephant in a china shop or as the best spy in the world. Here you decide how you want to face the visionaries and the game does not punish you at any time and does not force you to stealth, if you are only because you want to be it or because Arkane has done such a good job encourages us to do so Even though we’re supposed to be like Rambo at the bottom of our hearts.

I can’t finish the game without talking about his good job building his world. Here Arkane shows again that they play in a different league. In Deathloop we are presented with a world where reality has been twisted, mixing realism and technological fantasy, where not only its aesthetic from the sixties but also the psychology of the characters stands out, each deeper, crazier and more brilliant. In addition, the game has a very original soundtrack and sound effects that have enough personality to look from “you to you” until the sound of opening a chest in Zelda occurs. That “idiot” when we find a clue loudly begs it to be your whatsup tone in real life. But as if getting to the forefront of image and sound creation wasn’t enough, it also has a beastly synchronization, in both English and Spanish, that has been going on since its adaptation in Castilian I. is one of the games that is not worth playing in Shakespeare’s language I think it’s the best I’ve ever seen in a video game, on par with blockbusters like God of War or The Last of Us .

Finally, I take the opportunity to strain the DualSense corner here. As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of the Sony controller, and when a game uses it well, it automatically scores in my joy. This is where the DualSense has a lot of meaning, both when we are shooting with our gun and when we are walking around. The steps, depending on where we’re going, this gun that jams … as well as Juliana’s radio calls that can be heard directly at our command. It’s a miracle.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to end so euphorically with this game, I trusted Arkane, but at no point did I think that he would face a clear candidate for the game of the year. If you own a PlayStation 5 or a good PC, you have to buy it if you like the genre of first-person adventures or shooters. Ten out of ten?

If you are interested in the PC version, you will always find it a little cheaper at G2A.

** The Extra Data ** Deathloop is a game that has time as a playable base, which means it relies on optimizing your time within a time loop. Time, time, time. Well, I’ve found a grain of truth in this fictional change. My experience with the game has made me lose track of the time I have invested in it in an unusual way. During the missions, I felt like I was spending many hours on my hand, but then I contrasted the information and it didn’t take half the time I thought. So far the first rarity. The second is that once it was completed I thought I would have achieved my goal in no more than ten or fifteen hours, but my surprise was total when I looked at the console display, it doubled my expectations, almost thirty hours of gameplay. Was I on my own time warp playing Deathloop? If you play it, tell me about your experience. JC is loved