Football month is coming, be warned. Today we’re starting what may be the strangest of the future, we’re talking about Super Arcade Football. An indie that looks back with a lot of humor to offer us a classic football game in mid-2021 and in addition to the launch of the heavyweights. A very curious experience that will undoubtedly bring you more than a smile and maybe a few tears.

Super Arcade Football is a love letter to a genre that is on the verge of extinction (God bless the Indies), in a tarnished niche, in fact. Hence, it’s always nice to analyze one of these more unusual experiences.

At the beginning we can switch to the story mode, which is brutal as it reminds us of times gone by. A short film, in stop-motion, with dialogues, in which our protagonist returns to the field of his favorite team. A humble English club in complete ruin. Its stadium is being demolished by the wealthy owner of its eternal rival. In the face of this nonsense, the old coach (legend) sells us the club as the one who doesn’t want the thing, for the crazy figure of a battered penny. So suddenly we are the owners of a club in bad hours and our goal will be to bring it back to fame and thus prevent the enemy tycoon from destroying everything we love.

Do not eat the glass with this mode, do not think about transfers, resource management or the like. We are in a game with a soul from the 80s / 90s and as such it will be based on a grid of around fifty games that act as levels. When overcome, these are occasionally accompanied by a few film sequences that help us to sense the goal of our victories. Without further ado, as Diego Pablo Simeone would say, “game by game,” where our character is based on the choice of line-up and playing of the game.

The controls are absurdly simple, a lever to move the player and a single button for the rest (kick, pass, entry …) very easy to learn, but be careful that we have to master it perfectly to reach the end. It’s crazy because the game doesn’t lose its arcade flick or good humor. As I had already expected, the level of difficulty increases with each game and divides them into leagues, from amateur to world champion. But it doesn’t stop there because we will find all sorts of nonsense in the various areas we visit. From icy slopes, where you slide like a penguin at the South Pole, to fields full of fat that make us eat earth without forgetting a certain stadium where meteorites fell … yes, I laugh at the pig’s face thrown at Figo.

The game features very attractive pixel art with well-crafted animations that were impossible at the point in time it is referring to. During the game it will be common to receive fouls and even see warnings to our players, always in a random manner; there are games in which we injure half a team without whistling and others in which we cannot attack without whistling. Which has not convinced me yet, but has not bothered me either, as I see it as another mechanic to increase the challenge at certain moments, where it is usually asked as a reward (in the form of stars from 0 to 3) goals such as Make no more than X fouls. The parties appear in an almost upside-down and vertical view, as in the genre of the genre.

Super Arcade Football is really complete because when we pass the story mode and see the final epic we want more (which is very likely) we will have the traditional modes, from quick play to creating tournaments with foreign teams , national teams or really camouflaged like Barcelona, ​​Villaunreal, Valenzia or Real Merengues, who also have their most legendary players like Ronaldino, Messa, the aforementioned Feego and even Zizane. But not only is it full of content and a lot of humor, it also has an online mode which, to my surprise, works very well, perhaps due to the fact that it was originally a game released on mobile phones where we got a free version have available to help you decide whether to pass on per box to switch / PC or not.

In short, a very fun game, ideal for dead moments, that will also remind us of times gone by, with the convenience of new technologies. In my case, I am doing this analysis based on Swtich’s version, but I would be lying if I said that I spent most of the hours there as I leave this honor on my phone where it even joins me in the queue has the bank. If you like the genre, you can try it out without any problems.