Surely on more than one occasion, when meeting friends or colleagues, the question has arisen, which epoch in history would you have liked to have had? Some don’t go very far and stay in the 50s, others go very long and go to the time of the pharaohs (yes, being a pharaoh and not a slave). Surely there is someone else who does not look back, but longs to be able to live in a thousand years. The fact is that color tastes good and in my case I don’t know what time I want to live in, but thanks to Ambition: A Menuet in Power I know where I definitely don’t want to be.

The situation in France in 1789 is eventful at best. The world will change again with the French Revolution and there are countless factions and interests that conspire to avoid staying on the dark side of history. With all this approach, we will be Ivette Decaux, a young provincial woman who will travel to Paris to meet her fiancé and start a dream life in the capital. More than a vase of cold water awaits our poor innocents. And like us as players, he will have to toughen himself up by force in order to survive the noble life of Paris.

Ambition: A Menuet in Power is primarily a visual novella in English by Joy Manufacturing Co. A very smart one because it knows how to integrate resource management perfectly and, if you hurry me, add a few villainous accents. The result is a fresh, fun and very engaging experience.

When I stepped into Ivette’s life, I was automatically caught by a great spider web made from the threads that will weave the future France, but again from another series of miniature fabrics that make up love relationships, vengeance and friendships. Although the title marks several major events, you are completely free to support the monarchy against the revolutionaries, for example, or expose the nobles while we give our favor to the army. All of this will be the result of various conversations, which will mainly take place at the popular festivals of the time, in which we must use our credibility to align the planets to our liking, but always take care not to increase the risk of the revelation ours Plans.

The main goal of Ambition: A Menuet in Power is survival. Everything else is left to the taste of the consumer. In addition, the game gives us three resources that we have to play with throughout our game: credibility, danger and of course money. We don’t need more to make our place in French high society, but nobody said it was easy. We have a fourth factor to consider, which encompasses everything and which will be almost the most important one to manage: time.

Our dear Ivette will always have the morning free to run a series of errands, while at night when we are invited she has to attend a party or some kind of engagement. At the beginning we may have a lot of nights off, but as the game progresses our calendar becomes overloaded and we often have to be picky, as many party nights in a row bring fatigue and this affects our credibility.

We summarize our morning negotiations so that we can choose a location in Paris and spend the morning there. My first steps down the Parisian streets were aimed at gathering rumors and thus selling them to a tabloid (or if we prefer to support or demote one of the country’s powerful forces). With these coins I was able to get a fabulous dress the next day, which the French aristocracy apparently would like very much, but not so much the army. Of course, if we abuse a dress too much, it will lose its novelty and in the end that extra nobility will be lost, so it will be necessary to visit the seamstress again in order to always be as perfect as possible. Of course, make sure not to spend too many rooms, which we also have to pay for our service on a weekly basis.

And at night events we will need all available weapons. Since we can only do one action in the morning, we will have limited conversations with the various guests here too, so we will have to analyze what interests us most, both for Ivette and for those who see themselves strongly in the future of France.

In the various conversations that Ambition suggests to us, we can force the situation and try to use our credibility to earn new gossip or simply to like one of the special characters in the game better. If we fail this test, our credibility will be diminished and our risk increased many times over. When our danger reaches the limit, Yvette will logically get into trouble. Often we will not want to force the situation out of fear and sometimes vice versa, depending on the topic that is being discussed. We end up making decisions all the time, many of which don’t have much of an impact or are just used to get gossip. Others, on the other hand, will have great weight as the game progresses.

Of course, the different love relationships we would like to have during the game depend on our choices. If I’m not mistaken, we’ll have half a dozen options, each very different. To reach them, we need to earn their favors and fall in love or simply laugh at thanks for being interested in our survival.

This is exactly where the game gets wild and very interesting. Although Ivette Decaux arrives as a small town girl in love, in the end we can turn her into a cold and heartless woman who is able to pull the strings of French society at will. On the contrary, we can continue to be that woman who is in love with a promising baron. Ambition lets you position yourself how you want and that’s great because the game soaks you up and forces you to get wet or, on the contrary, it lets you go through almost anything. It’s like having your own French Revolution sandbox. You can approach each game in a different way, both sentimental and your own what-if of time.

Particularly noteworthy is the atmosphere that is created at the various events. Either through the very successful soundtrack by John Robert Matz, through the perfect art of the characters and which adorns all the palaces, or through the exquisite dialogues. All of this puts us right in those barbaric social events, the old Twitter, but more ruthless and brave, which, as I said at the beginning, will force us to tan quickly if we are to survive.

But to say one thing, I missed a little more of everything. I mean more different characters, more situations and more variety, but more than out of boredom, out of the desire to enjoy more content. Also, keep in mind that the game was born out of a Kickstarter and ended up being financed by the hair, yes $ 61,503 out of the $ 60,000 they asked for.

Ambition: A minuet in power made it clear to me that I would not survive two minutes at the Parisian courts, so it is my last option on a possible time travel. Of course, thanks to Ivette and the strength of her character, I enjoyed the politics and talk of the time in this highly recommended visual novel like crazy and, above all, very funny.